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Professional Water System Installation & Service

  1. We have on staff; pump professionals to assist you with all of your water system needs.
  2. Five year warranty on your complete water system!
  3. Campbell No Lead Brass Pitless Adapter (Enables us to service the pump from the top of well)
  4. 200# Poly Pipe (Its' extra strength resists collapsing from the weight of the earth on top of the water line.) 
  5. Woodford or Simmons Frost Free Hydrant (Added PVC shield allows better draining in poor soils.)
  6. No Lead Brass or Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings (Resist decay from the elements underground.)
  7. Wellxtrol Pressure Tank (Automates the system so you always have water at your fingertips.)
  8. Goulds Stainless Steel Pump (Comes in a variety of horsepowers and gallons per minute to meet your needs.)
  9. Pump Drop Pipe (Poly Pipe for shallow wells, Rigid PVC for mid range and Galvanized Pipe for deep sets.)
  10. Flomatic  No Lead Brass Checkvalves (Holds the pressure in your water line when the pump shuts off.)
  11. Torque Arrestor (Keeps the pump from twisting in the well and allows for less torque on the pipe and wire.)
  12. Double Jacketed Submersible Cable (Second coating to prevent the wire from rubbing through and creating a short in the wire.)

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Our Office Hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m

H & L Drilling, Inc. * P.O. Box 919 - 4150 Hwy 12 East, East Helena, MT 59635 * Phone 406-227-7435 * Fax 406-227-8949 * Email: handldrilling@msn.com                           

Clearwater Pump & Supply * P.O. Box 919 - 4150 Hwy 12 East, East Helena, MT 59635 * Phone 406-227-8010 * Fax 406-227-8949 * email clearwaterpumpandsupply@hotmail.com

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